Unboxing and Weigh-In

In the Box

The Goods

Pyramid of Books

Even the packaging is formidable; it is crafted like a monumental pyramid.



weight: 16.5 lbs

elevation: 10.5 inches

terrain: steep

rating: not for beginners


  1. Wow. I seriously believe that our different approaches to acquiring the set – you all at once, me one volume at a time – will change the way we both experience it. Looking at these pictures is intimidating. It’s like having all the courses of a huge meal laid out in front of you at once.

  2. I also purchased it all at once, as it was the most economical option. Thanks for kicking this off and getting us started on this work, and I’ll chime in once in a while with thoughts from a music theorist in Casper, Wyoming.

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