A Machaut Playlist

Already in Chapter 9 we have gone through a good deal of music by Guillaume de Machaut. Since there is no recorded anthology to go along with the OHWM, I thought I would collect some renditions of these musical examples, so that we can get the sound in our ears.  Disclaimer: I pulled these off of youtube, and can’t vouch for their quality. Someone more up to speed on the current performance practice of secular 13th-c. songs might choose better examples. I did choose performances that seemed to be professionally recorded, which is why, for instance, I chose the present recording of “De toutes flours,” rather than this one. There are some strange interpretations out there…

“Douce dame jolie”, a monophonic virelai.

“Rose, liz, printemps”, a four-voice Rondeau.

“De toutes flours”, a four-voice ballade.

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  1. sawyerlaw says:

    These are great. Thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work.

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