Update from the Trenches

The end of this week’s reading corresponded nicely with a division in the OHWM. Taruskin has finished with the trecento, and shifted off the continent to begin a discussion about English music, and in the meantime he has made it clear that we are not at the natural break between the Medieval and Renaissance periods. Even so, it seems like an appropriate time to take stock in how far we have come in the Taruskin Challenge:

  • We’re just about exactly half way through Volume I.
  • We’re about 1/10 through the entire set.
  • 60 posts
  • 3852 site views
  • And finally, Volume I has been able to lay open on its own for a number of weeks now—no small feat, and having free hands allows us to get that all-important mid-reading electrolyte (who’m I kidding, caffeine) boost.

Not bad in just 8 weeks!


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