News and Housekeeping

Mark and I were recently interviewed by Prof. Marica Tacconi for the August AMS newsletter (view the newsletter here or download it from the AMS site here). The issue also features a great essay on musicology and blogging by the stalwart Ryan Bañagale and Drew Massey at amusicology.

Since we’ve fallen behind a bit with the weekly readings (and I trust summer-vacationing readers have done the same..), August will begin with p. 251, our last page of reading before we went silent. We want to keep trudging ahead with the book, but right now might be a good time to take a summer breather. We have to rotate in some beach reading, after all..

July has been a dreadfully slow month on the blog, but I have a decent excuse: I’ve been away for the last three weeks getting married and going on a honeymoon. Now that I’m back home with a computer, let the reading and the posting commence! If anyone would like to contribute to the blog to help fill our summer lull, we’d be delighted to accommodate your posts. Just let Mark and me know.


  1. Zach, Congratulations on your recent nuptials! I wish you all the best in love…and blogging.

  2. Zach Wallmark says:

    Thanks a lot, Ryan!

  3. Brenda Large says:

    Congratulations Zach. I think it’s a good idea to work in some beach reading – you definitely need some R and R.

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