More Must-Reads

To kick off the holiday season (and all that free time you’ll have sitting in front of the stocking-spangled fireplace), I’ve just updated the list for your Christmas-reading pleasure (see bottom of the list for update specifics). Keep the suggestions coming, and have a merrily musicological Christmas!



  1. R. J. Stove says:

    I’ve just been re-reading Andrew Thomson’s book The Life and Times of Charles-Marie Widor (Oxford University Press, 1987), which, amazingly enough, was the first Widor biography in English (though John Near since then has written a great deal about the origins of Widor’s compositions). Everything Thomson produces is superbly written and researched; this (surprisingly short) study is no exception.

  2. Ralph Locke says:

    R. J. Stove and others may be pleased to learn that John Near is coming out with a life-and-works study of Widor, much more detailed than Thomson’s (fine) study from 23 years ago.

    Widor: A Life beyond the Toccata

    It will be released February 2011 by University of Rochester Press, in the Eastman Studies in Music series, which I edit.

    Details at:

  3. R. J. Stove says:

    Good news indeed. I’m delighted to hear about this book. Must see if I can review it somewhere, once it appears.

  4. The Life and Times It has been a revelation for me


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