French Modernist Listening List, Part II

Here is the (belated) second set of music performances to go along with chapter 2. Click through below for more videos.


  1. Kevin says:

    Been reading for a while…

    And before my qualification exams at university X, I spent the summer reading the five paperback volumes. Always appreciate a second (i.e., tertiary) opinion, because, damn, no one person can be this encyclopedic and right, right?

    Also, I wasn’t familiar with the Ravel (Jeux d’eaux). He tends to rub me the wrong way, that is to say, he rubs me in the right way for wrong reasons. Great performance, nonetheless.

    BTW, we (myself and my co-author) have linked you on our site, ’cause we think you’re that awesome.

    Keep up the good work, guys.

    1. Mark Samples says:

      Hey Kevin, Thanks for the follow! Thanks for making me aware of your site too; I checked it out and like it a lot. I’ll put it up on our blogroll so that hopefully some of our readers will go check it out.

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