orderliness: a precompositional blog post (à la Structures Ia)

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  1. Mark Samples says:

    Now I know how Boulez must’ve felt.

  2. Zach Wallmark says:

    Wow, this is great. Makes you wonder if he had any fun writing his music… Probably!

  3. Mark Samples says:

    If he’s into intellectual exercises at all (!), I’m sure he had fun writing the music. That was one of the realizations I had while doing this little exercise. The process is where the biggest value lies. It’s like the satisfaction you get when completing a puzzle. This type of writing is all about the composer; to a limited extent it is also for a small group of insiders who have the experience/inclination to suss out the puzzle from the other end. What’s questionable is how beneficial/interesting it is for everyone else…

  4. Simon Tak says:

    One of the reasons I got out of composition major in college was because I felt that all the other people were writing stuff based on codes, processes, etc that they understood and nobody else did…and the professors loved it…but musically it was a bore…not to say that there aren’t process pieces that are beautiful…

  5. Dan says:

    Enjoyed reading post on orderliness. Thanks for sharing.

  6. A good article, but there are things that can not be technify both



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